8 pieces of cheese have gone missing. La Vache qui rit, Sara and Karim set off on an adventure to find the missing pieces. The adventure takes them to 4 fantastic worlds, each hiding two pieces.

In 2012 I collaborated in building a startup called Mealkick. The objective is to teach people how to cook amazing meals from the comfort of their home. For this purpose we created an iPhone App loaded with tons of recipes & full length HD videos from top UK chefs.

As the UAE's Minister of the Environment set strict measures for the country to become plastic-bag free, we decided to limit the dependency on plastic bags, by developing a special tote bag that transforms every supermarket trip into a fashionable and eco-friendly statement.

For McDonald's to stand out from the crowd of fast food brands in the Middle East, we created an iPhone App that combines word of mouth, freebies, promotions, Facebook Places and social sharing.

Perfect Share is an online match maker that allows you to find the perfect flatmates based on your personality and preferences.

2Do Maps is an App specifically designed for the iPhone which, making use of the device's built in GPS, reminds you of tasks in your To Do list based on their location. This way, you'll never forget to pick up milk on your way home.

Drop Wines, born in 2012, is an e-commerce startup that wants to bring the best quality of wines at the cheapest prices to your doorsteps.

7 TABLETS is a tech startup owned by iTech US that specializes in CRM solutions for medium to large corporations. The branding reflects the high standards and quality of their products and clients.

To establish its presence as a premium brand for Emirates Airlines customers, Diageo has opened a dedicated retail shop in Dubai International Airport to showcase its brands.
The website reflects the luxury and quality of the brand.

Temperatures in the Gulf can reach a blistering 50°C. With air-conditioners running nearly year-round, immense pressure is placed on them. Samsung wanted to send a reminder that only authorized Samsung servicemen could ensure professional & reliable maintenance to keep the cool indoors. Our solution: the coolest business card.

For the launch of the new Cadillac CTS-V in the Middle East, I've worked on an integrated campaign that includes 3 TVCs, a microsite, online banners, viral videos and print ads.

360 Corporate Rebranding for Dubai Properties. From print to digital, from ad campaigns to interactive experiences.

To introduce Chevrolet Camaro as a premium and sports car in the UAE and to demonstrate the power of its engine, we created a Drag Race Facebook Game.
In the game you can test your racing skills and compete against your Facebook friends. The winner of the competition received a brand new Camaro.

Experiential website for hotel group Tilal.

Corporate website for insurance company Tamweel.

90% of people living in the UAE are expatriates. With property prices dropping, millions moved to newer & more spacious homes.
While moving can be a stressful experience, our objective was to demonstrate how easy and worry-free it is to move with The Box.

To promote Madrid as Emirates Airlines new destination, we decided to literally place our viewers into the heart of the city, through Google Street View.

A Desktop App I designed for Dubai International Film festival, to keep track of the 200+ film screenings that happen every year in under a week.